Best Ad Posting Jobs in Siliguri – Daily Payment & Genuine Work

Namaste Siliguri, here we come with amazing Ad posting jobs in Siliguri, exclusively for the locals. Online jobs have become very popular for a decade and more now, Ad posting jobs, in particular, is very popular everywhere. Today is your golden chance to grab on to this opportunity and start making money by carrying out this regular online money making jobs from home.

Real Money making online ad posting jobs in Siliguri by certified company Cyber Expo.

Cyber Expo is offering fresh posts for Ad posting jobs in Siliguri, everyone who has been looking for a legitimate way to make money doing online jobs should be interested in this offer. We’ll give you a detailed explanation about this Ad posting jobs in Siliguri, go through the post carefully and quickly make a decision and start making real money in no time. So, let’s get started.

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What is ad posting jobs?

Ad posting job is one of those online jobs which doesn’t need any kind of skill, except for the knowledge of computer and internet operating.  You’ll be given number of ad posting assignments and you’ve to post these ads on the listed classified websites. You’ve to copy the given matter in the instructed fields of the classified forms. The work is repeated over again over with every new form you fill, can get kinda monotonous but it pays good money for such a simple online job.



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Best Ad Posting Jobs in Siliguri – Daily Payment & Genuine Work

Ad Posting Jobs Demo and Step by Step guide:

Once you become a registered member of Cyber Expo, you’ll be provided with the following raw materials-

Ad posting – (Content of advertising)

Classified website list

Blank report sheets (for sending through the reports)

Now, you’re ready to start posting ads as explained-

Go to your favorite web browser and type –, you’ll see a page on this website asking you to paste URLs into the blank spaces.

You need to copy the URLs from the word file that has been provided to you in your registered mailbox. After pasting the URLs, hit the submit button, then you’ll see an option on the page saying ‘Open all’, click on it to open. All the URLs that you pasted in the box will now open in your browser on the respective tabs.

Now you have to visit each of those opened websites. You’ll be asked to click on ‘Compose’, and after that a blank form in which you need to paste all the instructed matter according to the titles from the word file sent to you. From here on, all you’ll require to do is copy from the word file and paste It on the classified website. And finally, in the end, you’ve entered the details of the ad you posted on Ms-Excel.

That’s it! Done!

Below is a YouTube video link helping you with all the details of ad posting job with a step by step demo-

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How to Get Genuine Ad posting jobs in Siliguri from CYBER EXPO?

Not just ad posting jobs in Siliguri but Cyber Expo has a reputation on the internet circle for providing 100% real and legitimate online jobs and it is not simply limited to ad posting jobs alone. You’ll first and foremost requirement to enroll with Cyber Expo and get registered after choosing the available options on the website. Once your job request is assessed you’ll be asked to start the job accordingly and will be provided with all the raw material to kick start it in no time.

The basic requirement for doing ad posting jobs from Siliguri?

There is no long list of requirements to start doing ad posting jobs in Siliguri, unlike other specific skilled jobs. All you’ll need is a computer set up at home with a good internet connection. Basic knowledge of how to operate a computer and run the internet on it. You’ll also require to know a little about Ms-Office. Word, excel in particular.

How to get ad posting jobs without investment in Siliguri?

This ad posting jobs in Siliguri won’t require you to invest any amount of money at all. Registration is free. The only investment you’ll ever need is on a computer with internet set up if you don’t have it already.


There are a number of countless online job offerings on the internet, most of the companies offering these jobs are nothing more than typical outrageous scammers, and the ones who actually offer some level of legit online jobs offer only boring and below average pay. But when it comes to Cyber Expo, all you’ll be offered is a range of exciting online jobs which you can do whilst being at home and each of the online jobs offerings is 100% genuine and legit, you don’t have to worry at all about you not being paid on time after completing the given assignments. Ad posting jobs in Siliguri are very simple once you get the concept right, homemakers and students should enthusiastically apply for this online job without thinking too much.

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Best Ad Posting Jobs in Siliguri - Daily Payment & Genuine Work

To Your Success.

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