10 Awesome Ad Posting Software you must Have for ad Posting Jobs

Do you almost 100 of 10 people are currently use Ad Posting Software for Boost ad posting speed in real life. Why not you try a ad posting software to save your valuable time. In this post we are going demonstrate 10 awesome Ad Posting Software , How they work and how do you get seep in your ad posting jobs using those software, So let get started →

Automatic Ad Posting Software:

This is an Amazing and most powerful ad posting software. Its can post 35-45 classified ad in a hours. It’s has Auto ad switch option and you can use multiple ad master for posting ad into same classified website. For using this software you have install it into your PC and update your ad master by adding single profile. The magic part of this software is after updating your ad mater, whenever you open any classified website into your browser the software will generate a beep sound and all the files of that classified website will be filled Automatically, You don’t have to do anything for that. Hence the security code you have to fill manually as its comes random generated text , after filling the human security code you can see that all filed are fill and now just click on submit your ad button. Here you done, however this Automatic Ad Posting software can fill up to 150 classified forms in minimum of 05see, but it’s depending on your PC health.


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Simple ad posting Software:

The main deference between Automatic ad posting software and simple ad posting software is, its can’t fill multiple from in a browser. But it’s mainly worked with new user registration or sign up form filling , member area log in , or any random filled that can’t be filled by auto ad posting software. You have just add some button and update the text that you want to paste in a selected filled as per required.

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Auto Clicker Ad posting Software:

The most favorite professional ad posting software that everyone like to use is Auto Clicker or Auto ad clicker software. Nothing simple is like that , you have just open classified websites and click on the right side of a field, You can see the available pre-selected value, now just choice one of them and you can see that the filled are filled as per your click.

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Magic classified collecting Tools:

One the major problem of ad posting jobs is having proper classified website list. CYBER EXPO now introduces Magic classified collecting Tools that can collect classified website list as per your keyword in any category or from any country. It’s the most successful tool to getting proper classified website list for ad posting software.

Auto Form Filling Software: It’s almost same like Automatic ad posting software, but its cant work in multiple tab, but it has some more extra feature than Automatic ad posting software that make it’s more useful for ad posting jobs. You can easy fill and record a form data using a single keyboard shortcut key, having option of import and export form data from one computer to another. However you can add your own custom action or rules to fill a form online.

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Robo Form:

Robo Form is most trust Password Manager since 1999 , It has great feature of managing multiple password using one master password , Additionally you can use up to 12 files for filling any type of online form , this software has also free trial version available into their websites . The great thing is you can use it into your phone also.

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Password Manager:

Are you confused about remembering thousands of classified website user name and password? What would be if you have a tools that can work with a master password, and all other classified websites login will be so easy by entering a master password while log in into your windows account.

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Bulk Classified Error Checking Tools:

Did you have thousands of classified websites for posting ads? But most of them may not working? The only way you can check those websites error is by opening one by one into your browser. What happen if you have a tools that can check websites HTTP Error and let you know how many classified are there on your list are alive and ready to post free ads, Just upload your data into text format submit your email address and wait for couple of hours , Its can check up to 40,000 classified websites in 3 -4 hours and send a server generated email to you with all log status that how many are working classified websites.

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Easy classified website validates and Auto Activation Tools:

Simple its help to Active your classified ads without login into your email account. Its help you to save your time and you can active your classified ads from your desktop notification bar. Only you just need any standards email account like – Gmail , Yahoo ! or Rediff mail etc. enve its work with POP3 and SMTP Server also.

Duplicate URL Remover Tools:

Even you can remove duplicate Classified websites using excel but its time consuming , We have one Tools that can remove and short duplicate URL from given classified websites list.

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What do think about this 10 Awesome Ad Posting Software, Are you ready to use those software/tools? Or if you have any more tools that make you faster on ad posting jobs then let us know in comment section…

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