10 Thinks to Consider before Select a data entry service providers company

Who does not believe to start an own company for outsourcing? I hope you are one of them who are looking for a genuine data entry service providers. It’s quite hard to find a real data entry services on Internet.

If you have a dream to bulk your own outsourcing company, then you must find out a way to do this.

In this article I am going to highlight 10 points that help to avoid fraud and find real data entry service providers for your new company.

Create a list of available company who provide data entry services:

First thinks first, let’s create the available list of data entry service providers. Try to search Google and yahoo (you will find some old data entry jobs Provider Company in yahoo search) and make a list of those website and company name.


Make sure to collect those data too while create your list.

  1. Website Name.
  2. Company Name.
  3. Core Company Name.
  4. owner Name.
  5. Owner Biography.
  6. Company LLC or LLP with their Audit status on MCA website.
  7. Website Age.
  8. Alexa Rank.
  9. Google Page Rank.
  10. Required Registration fees or Not ?
  11. ISO Certified or Not?
  12. Other Service Quality and Review.
  13. Client List Who is care currently involving with their projects.
  14. Procedure to get their data entry service and contract period.

Ok all done, now you have a complete list if all possible data entry service for your company or outsourcing. You have choice on or more from them to ensure uninterrupted service for your data entry jobs management.

Compare their Projects:

Now compare their project to each other, Try to find out which company has best payment option? Who is most reputed and qualified with ISO management?

Below are the golden rules while comparing deference type of data entry services:

Tips1: Does they Provide Payment assurance? It’s strongly recommend that you goes for Court paper Agreement before start a Deal.

Tips2: Make sure to think about ISO Slander and company reputed. Also check they fulfil the Audit yearly and Check their LLC or LLP on MCA website.

Tips3: Try to communicate as much as possible and try to find our more information about data entry services Provider Company. Remember as much as you asked question you get so many related answers and your doubt will be clear soon.

Tips 4: Try to Choice a data entry services provide having website age more than 5 year with descent traffic. If you see that they don’t have good alexa traffic rank that’s means the websites are not so much popular for data entry service. Try to find a data entry service providers that has good traffic from Google, It means most of the people choice this company as because they are well known and reputed for data entry service provide.

Get the review of data entry service providers:

Don’t be so first for stating data entry business or data entry jobs! You might be choice some of website for starting outsourcing of data entry jobs but before make a final decision, don’t forget to check the user review on Google. If everything is fine, then you can start.

Try to Small Project:

while you start your data entry project don’t goes for bulk project, try with small. Its help to short out the problem. If anything goes wrong, then the losses will be small and you have way to overcome.

Try to find the goal of your data entry services provider:

Do realize the goal of data entry server you are going involved. Do they provide hand writing work for data processing? Does the data conversation are legit? Is there any Govt or NGO are beneficiary with them? If all those are positive and your data entry service provider has a reason to pay you then continue…

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Avoid notepad use Text Editor:

After getting project avoid Notepad for data conversation. It’s may ignore the grammatical error and you may be not qualified for getting payment as per your low accuracy level. Always try to use Microsoft office latest edition.

Build Quality man Power:

Are starting a LLP with 3-20 employees? Make sure you have choice people having good quality and typing skill. Unable to find Quality Man power may destroy your data entry business before it’s grow up! While selecting your employee make sure to interview them as well as test their trying quality.

Admin it: I add software for checking typing still and error marks, It’s awesome to me check out here.

Did your Find Perfect Hardware for your Data Entry Projects?

Don’t go with low quality hardware! Make sure to buy Proper System like HP or Dell. You can use some of the TVS or iball Keyboard specials optimize for fast typing jobs.

Use Smart Reporting method and Backups your Projects:

Don’t just work hard, work hard with be smart. Don’t forget to back-ups your daily works in drop box or Google drive. You system may be crashed but those online back-ups has amazing performance to save your data too lost.

Troubleshot mistakes and Review yourself:

The Final word, after starting outsourcing of online data entry jobs, you realize you have done so much mistakes try short out and diagnostic your nice. Its help you to build one more success story in data entry service.

Do you find your dream Data entry services Provider by the help of this Article ? let me know in comment section if i can help you more!

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