How to Earn $100/Daily in India with Google Online Jobs (Payment Proof)

Though There are thousands of ways of making money online, undoubled Google Online Jobs is Most Trust and legitimate way to Earn money from internet.

Most of the people thought that Google is just a Search Engine, but in reality, there are dozens of services like YouTube, AdSense is from Google where you can earn money working at your home.

There is Two way to earn money from Google Online Jobs.

Directly earn money online with google:

  1. Google AdSense.
  2. YouTube Channel.
  3. Google Opinion Rewards.

Indirectly earn money online with google

  1. Google SEO.
  2. Google doc & Sheet.

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5 Way to Earn Money from Google Online Jobs:

This is the best five way to make thousands of dollars from Google online jobs; instead of this five, there is no other way to earn money from Google! By the way, there is few fake Google Online Jobs in India which you need to avoid. (Ex. Google typing jobs, Google Data Entry Jobs, Google form Filling jobs etc.)

Read the complete list of fake Google Online Jobs that you need to avoid.

Now, let’s begin… 🙂

1. Google AdSense:

Google Adsense pay billions of money to there publisher. Yes, it’s true that earning money from Google Adsense is tricky, but as long as you learn about blogging, SEO and websites Development! Earning money from Google AdSense will be like as drinking a glass of water.

Those who don’t know what is Google Adsense? Google Adsense is a Program where you can monitorize your websites or blog and earn money from the traffic to your site.

It’s important to realise that your earning from google is depend on your traffic and location.

A tech blog website with Indian traffic can earn $100 with 15K-20K pageview, on the other hand, same tech blogger can make $500-$800 with the same traffic with the US, UK Canada visitor.

Surprisingly, there is no way to calculate AdSense earn since it depends on the various things like CPC, CTR and coverage.

Google Online Jobs from Home India Earning Payment Proof from Google Adsense

Step to Make Money from Google AdSense:

Create a blog. I recommend Start with free blog, Then Upgrade to Self hosted WordPress Blog.

Put Regular content on it.

As soon as you see signification traffic into your websites, apply for AdSense from here.

Make sure you follow AdSense policy for not getting rejects.

Since AdSense and blogging is a vast topic, so instead of explaining it here, here is Dedicated Training for You-

Un Ultimate AdSense Guide for Making $100 per day.

Best Online Form Filling Jobs Projects to Start your Own BPO Office at India.

2. YouTube:

If you think Blogging is a bit tricky for you and don’t want to invested any money on it, the go for YouTube.

I think YouTube is one of the best google online jobs for students, India Students can become a part time Youtuber and earn $100-$500 just working on weekend & holidays.

I managed a two YouTube Channel with 25 Video. I stated at the end of 2017, and still, now I earned up to $1800.

Still, now there is no investment from my side. I don’t have any DSLR, lighting setup and a good microphone.

Therefore, I use my Smartphone for all the task like shooting video, recording audio and editing.

Youtube as Google Online Jobs Full Time or Part Time Payment Proof

So How to Start making money from Youtube?

First thing first, Sing up for YouTube from here.

Don’t worry you don’t need any skills on, computer science or software engineer. Your creativity is important.

Next, Upload videos regularly and wait until you start getting Good Subscriber and views.

Now, apply for YouTube Partner Program (YPP)

All set for you! now keeps uploading and work for Google from home.

Here is Dedicated guideline:

 How India students can make $500 from YouTube without investment!

3. Google Opinion Rewards:

Google Opinion Rewards is Survey platform where you can earn money completing the paid survey. Back there google Opinion Rewards suppose to have fun and a good way to earn money from Google. But in 2019 Google Opinion Rewards provided very less survey opportunity user demand they can’t earn more than Rs-20-30 per days.

Anyway, for now, we can’t recommend Opinion Rewards to you. We hope Google Opinion Rewards will resolve this issue. Once they resolve the issue, we will update this post.

For now, we have an excited list of Genuine Online Survey Jobs where you can earn up to $50 doing completing Survey, Offer & task.

4. Google SEO Online Jobs.

More than 200 million websites are looking for Google SEO work for there websites. You can learn Google SEO and earn money providing SEO service to those websites’ owner.

The payment will be from your client (websites owner). An experienced SEO expert can earn up to $100 per assignment.

How to become a Google SEO expert?

There is no same cooking recipe to becoming an SEO expert. I recommend you to start practising on your website.

Google believes in “Changes is Good theory!” So there often change their SEO algorithm, you need to study more and more to learn and crack them.

Once you see that your SEO tricks work on your sites, you can start gid on Fiverr or getting hired from freelancer.

You can earn both as full time or part time from this google online jobs.

5. Earn Money from Google Doc and Google Sheet:

There are so many things to do with google docs and google sheet.

You can learn google sheet and doc programming and build your owner custom online addons.

There is so much customer is waiting to buy thousand addons if they found it helpful.

Take an Example, Mr Amit Agarwal creates mail Marge and Document Studio using Google Doc and Google Sheet. There is no investment from Amit’s end except his time and imagination.

Now he sell this type of addons from his websites. Each addons sells make him earn $29. Pretty cools is not’t?

Now, its your term! Lets choice your favorite Google online Jobs and start making money online! let me know if you have any more doubts on it!

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