How to Start ad posting business company?

Most Online ad posting jobs Provider company’s tricks and why they called fake/scams company?

Here we discus to all Instructions to start genuine ad posting business company and Guide in online ad post business opening and how ad posting Jobs business getting started Help ad posting business company start Guide in online ad posting business

So your want to start an ad posting Business Company from your websites. Good thinking but we want to say it’s not a easy business like data Entry job or some other but I why I am saying this??

To know the answer you make little bit researcher on internet there is thousand of ad posting Company you fund on internet demanding they can pay you Rs- 5/ad posting to Rs- 15/ad posting after joining a by given hug fees you will be given an Ad Mater most of time it’s a ad of their own company’s data entry jobs or ad posting jobs …. But do you know….if you post more than 10000 ad for your company probably 100 people take intersect to visit your compay websites and 1% of people are may be joined. So how they pad for your posting … are really a full acutely 90% of company are not paying properly. But why they are successfully doing ad posting business in this field? Actually the company create some trem and condictions and by using it not accepting your 95% of ad ha ha!!!  You don’t take any legal actions for this because you have to agree before start your jobs. Their for this type of ad posting job provider fake company are not Constance for long time….

How to check a fake ad posting company??

1. Try to ask the resource of money for your payment .

2. Keep in a look for ad sense activity in your company page because ad sense pay a big money for web traffic created by your ad.

3. Any other ad in company websites.

4. Check legal document and read term conditions properly.

5. Check is there any complain against ad posting Company for fraud activity or money lost by online job seeker

6. Try to discus about company pay of other worker of same company.

7. Try to visit their office address.

So how do I start an ad posting business like a genuine company and pay all clients properly?

Yah! Those good questions forgot the other company’s tricks  if really want to start a genuine company ad posting company then you need to marketing your websites for ad publisher in your websites you can do physically or cyber way. as posting ad to various classified websites generate high traffic and page view the ad running in your sites are get lots of response .and that pay you lots of money and you can easily paid Rs- 5 to 7 to your freelancer job workers According their plan. And don’t forgot the registrations fess its you’re a extra income for ad posting business.

So let start an Ad posting business the basic requirement is-

  1. A business websites for ad posting Business Portal
  2. A script that have system to management your client ad activity and payment system and keep a Update History of Ad posting by a workers
  3. ad publisher for you websites
  4. good SEO
  5.  Online par time workers.

OK all I done successfully what is next-

Set up a Business websites for ad posting Business Portal:

Your may use domain from Go daddy, go daddy provide web hosting also or just use Host Getter, in way hosting etc

Set up the Web Configure:

A Script for management the ad posting Rules:

You have to keep one thing in your mind that if you want keep this ad posting business for long time and create a market have to pay at list Rs- Rs- 5 per valid post to your freelancer workers properly time to  ,so what will be marked as a valid post ? Valid post means a Ad which was posted in a classified sites are created a traffic that gives you Rs- 6 from your ad publisher of your websites.

Setting a Report page for your customer which content Ad URL, Category, Sub category, date time  etc. and program you form database as follow..

  1. Never accept double post in sites twice in a month
  2.  Never accept double post in a similar websites or same configurations websites
  3. Never accept a post which was posted in adult sites or illegal acts
  4. Never accept  free Php config sites as its don’t create a separate page for your ad are there for search engine unable to make index for this type of ad
  5. Never accept a ad posted in low traffic sites
  6. Ad must valid for 30days

If your use to accept all ad by using this all rules your will surly get a good amount of money from your ad publisher.

  1. ad publisher for you websites.
  2. good SEO.
  3.  tread license and all clear legal documents.
  4. Ste Business locations and Register it.

Ad publisher for you websites:

We are going paid our entire freelancer each and every time for neither their valid post nor faking like others company and I already say to you that you need a publisher for your websites it’s for your par time workers payments because you are in business and not going to paid from your pocket. You can use to marketing for your publisher by philately or just going online publisher like ad sense, ad hitez, ads fly for ex- if have ad sense program in your sites and your worker post 20,000 valid ad per month you will surly earn more than 1 lacks so you can easy paid Rs- 5/ad to your customer and the registrations fees paid from customer is also with your earning and so what do you thing…..  .

Another is pulse point that posting of thousand of ad in internet bust you Opportunity for getting more and more new customer for ad posting jobs or of you offer data entry jobs your easy find fifty to eight new data entry workers every day. So you don’t need separately any more adverting for your service. Its save your lots of money.

Here you can find On online publisher list and how to join with then.

Impotent of  SEO in Ad posting Business: 

SEO means Search engine optimizations, its can help your sites in top of the page that gets you websites more traffic and that means you get more earning opportunity. I can easy explain it suppose you going to sale your computer a and post lots of poster and banner  in your city and don’t give any proper address whiter to buy your computer ! What do you think anyone come to buy your computer !! ha ha ha!!! No not signal one is coming why they their is no such a address meson in your poster or banner to how to come …..SEO is like that its help your views to directs how come your sites. So with our a Good SEO in your websites you got very les traffic and you are unable to get more money from your ad publisher and you will unable paid your freelancer properly

Online par time workers for your Company’s Ad posting 

So it’s done finally… what is next planning you alredy setup websites, your business place and office you

Now go for some advertisement on news paper for par time jobs available, you will surly find some job seeker impress them with your project, try to create a good reactions by marketing team

Before joining take your registrations fess and asked them to start posting ad by log in your sites

Using the web scrip create the log in password and mail it to your workers.

Finally I want say you do list thing properly and you will surly get success in India Ad posting Business. 

What do thing about it? Are seriously plan to start a ad posting jobs provider company? Get LLC and Full setup from CYBER EXPO end . Check out our CYBER EXPO franchisee Business details here

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