Online Data Entry Jobs @₹1 Registration Fees 2 Years Free Work DAILY PAYMENT

Online Data Entry Job in India@ “ZERO” Investment

Gov. Approved 5 Years Validity | 1 Day Account Activation| Daily Bank Payment

tick mark cyber expo iconFeature that Makes CYBER EXPO # 1 Online Data Entry Jobs Provider in India:

  • Registration Fees Only Rs-“ZERO”/- (FREE)
  • Gov. Approved Projects.
  • Monthly Earning: ₹25,000-₹65,000/month
  • Earn Per Entry: ₹5.00-₹10.00
  • Validity: 60 months. (5 Years) 💡
  • Payment Mode: Daily Bank Transfer & Paytm payment.
  • Daily Work Time: 1-3 hours.
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Try Once in free, Work for 5 Years. Any Time Cancel! 

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Online Data Entry Jobs Plan and Offers:

[Hurry! Free Joining is a Limited Time offer]

  • Data Entry Plan-A
  • Registration: FREE
  • Validity: 6 Month
  • Rate per Assignment: Rs-8.50/- INR
  • Your Payment: Daily Bank/UPI
  • Assignment per month: 2000
  • MAX. Monthly earning: Rs- 17,000/- INR
  • Service tax: 18.5%
  • Risk-Free Agreement: YES
  • Free Tools & Software
  • Flagship Training Webinar: FREE
  • 7 Free Kindel Money Making eBooks
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  • Data Entry Plan-B
  • Registration: FREE
  • Validity: 9 Month
  • Rate per Assignment: Rs-9.70/- INR
  • Your Payment: Weekly Bank/UPI
  • Assignment per month: 2500
  • MAX. Monthly earning: Rs- 24,250/- INR
  • Service tax: 18.5%
  • Risk-Free Agreement: YES
  • Free Tools & Software
  • Flagship Training Webinar: FREE
  • 7 Free Kindel Money Making eBooks
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Why pay registration fees? When you can get Genuine Online Data Entry jobs in India by Paying only Rs-1 Registration Fees. The best thing is you don’t need to pay any renew charges for 2 years. That’s means you have Trail work for 2 years with CYBER EXPO.

If you compare with other Online Data Entry jobs you will find that no other company will offer Free Registration as well as 2 years of trail work on the first tie up.

So without further delay, let’s get started-

Online Data Entry Jobs @ virtual work at home jobs online data entry jobs india free data entry jobs online free work from home jobs

First of all, let’s see what exactly you will get in CYBER EXPO Online Data Entry jobs?

  1. First time in India You will get Free Registration Data Entry Jobs. (No Hidden Charges)
  2. Not Quarter or half-year Directly work for 2 years. How cool is that?
  3. We paid for your spelling mistakes and grammatical errors.
  4. Up to Rs-7-10 on per paragraph typing.
  5. Daily bank payment up to 1500.00 INR to your any CBS enables bank account.
  6. Free Proofreading software for 1 year. After that 399/-per years.
  7. The government approved and trusted projects by CYBER EXPO.
  8. ISO 9001:2008 Certified. No issue with payment & and no delay at all.
  9. All members are working in FREE Online typing jobs will be provided Risk-Free court paper agreement. (Actual cost will be Rs-599.00)
  10. 100% safety from all type of online jobs fraud and scam.
  11. Send us an email to that you need to verify payment proof and legal documents. We love to share with you.
  12. Dedicated customer care executive with the phone, email and live chat support. Make you learn a lot more.

Wait, There is more….

Guaranteed payment as we offer India Government legal court paper agreement with each new account.

Still, you will get paid when making spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. We have awesome proofreading software that fixed everything automatically.

So, you can’t wait to be registered right? Here is a Quick and Simple complete procedure in Hindi.

Compare to other Online Data Entry Jobs:

Online Data Entry Jobs @₹1 Registration Fees 2 Years Free Work DAILY PAYMENT
Other Data Entry CompnayCYBER EXPO online Data Entry Jobs
All other online data entry jobs India required paid registration fees.Here in CYBER EXPO offer free registration online data entry work.
Other company does not allow any proofreading software.CYBER EXPO allow and give free proofreading software to each free data entry jobs online.
After paying the registration fees there is no guarantee of your payment.CYBER EXPO gives you 100% safety of your free work from home jobs and makes your payment on time.
Others company may terminate your account if they found you are doing spelling mistakes. CYBER EXPO never terminated your account for spelling mistakes!Instead, we offer free proofreading software to each our members.
99.99% data Entry Company who are asking pre-registration fees are scam always avoid them.CYBER EXPO offers no-fee online typing jobs that are 100% safe online jobs.

How can we still make payment for grammatical error and spelling Mistakes?

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Online data entry jobs proof reading software free join work at home typing jobs no fee online typing jobs online jobs from home without investment at home data entry jobs online data entry jobs virtual call center companies companies with virtual jobs

Do you know what is the dirtiest thing that people hate in data entry jobs? It’s not being paid for few spelling Mistakes and grammatical error. Many of Scam work from home jobs provider take this as an opportunity and terminated data entry jobs account.

CYBER EXPO make a new free real work from home jobs income that makes you pay anyway.

Let’s say, you are doing 1400 paragraph typing and there are 7 spelling mistakes and 8 grammatical error. If you not worked in CYBER EXPO then there is no chance of your payment and defiantly you will lose your registration fees.

But in CYBER EXPO’s Data Entry jobs you will provide a free proofreading software that can be used to find all type of grammatical error and spelling Mistakes.

Its take only 5 minutes to fixed the error and here you go to check out your full payment.

[clickToTweet tweet=”Online Data Entry Jobs @₹1 Registration Fees 2 Years Free Work DAILY PAYMENT” quote=”I have found a Genuine Data Entry Jobs Provider – called CYBER EXPO where you will still pay if you did any grammatical error and spelling Mistakes. And Guess what? It has Registration fees is only Rs-1. And you can work for 2 years. Payment will be daily work daily payment.”]

How to Proofreading software work?

We use Grammarly for MS Word typing which is 2017 best online proofreading software. We use Grammarly API with our Member area. So when you start typing jobs Grammarly will automatically check your grammatical error and spelling Mistakes on the background. This how you are safe for payment deduction for typing errors.

Online Genuine Data Entry Jobs Demo work:

Online typing jobs are easy home computer jobs. Here is step by step guide with Hindi/English/Tamil Video work Demo-

  1. First of all, you have to log in to your member are over here.
  2. Check your dashboard and click start Data Entry jobs.
  3. You can able to see a newly scanned text data came up and below there is a text box to type.
  4. Now start doing typing and click on submit work button once you were done.
  5. That’s it. Repeat the process and continue doing typing work.

Why CYBER EXPO’s Data Entry Jobs is Government approved and trusted?

  1. CYBER EXPO is a 5 years old company where we run online work from home business successfully. In order to run a legitimate data entry company, it’s very important to find a genuine data entry service provider. And CYBER EXPO are doing the same.
  2. Most of the worked are outsourced from highly reviews online typing jobs outsourcing company.
  3. CYBER EXPO keep collecting work from international freelance sites like up work, fiver, and
  4. Instead of foreign sites CYBER EXPO also outsource virtual work at home jobs.
  5. CYBER EXPO put bid on government offline data entry jobs and survey jobs and process data using online CRM.

Does CYBER EXPO allow direct outsource and insource of their projects?

Nope, all data entry projects of CYBER EXPO are distributed through free registration members. Any type of inbound and outbound marketing or direct outsource is not allowed.

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Earning potential:

All the payment will be made through direct bank transfer using RTGS/IMPS/NEFT bank payment. You can update your bank account details while you filling application form from online data entry jobs. Also, you can update and modify your payment receiving mode by login to your member area.

CYBER EXPO 24X7X365 days of work, and you will get your payment on a daily base. Every day you have completed your work before 6:30 pm and on the same day, you will receive your payment install.

Note: The Rs-1 Registration fees will be deducted from your earning. You don’t have to pay it directly to our bank account.

How you get your Training?

Whenever you are doing computer-based jobs from home you need training!

So, we have three type of training for you-

  1. YouTube Video tutorial in CYBER EXPO’s YouTube Channel.
  2. Free PDF E-book Step by Step Guide.
  3. Team Viewer Support (paid)

Also, you have free email support and live chat support from your CYBER EXPO’s Members area.

Why don’t we ask any Registration fees? Is there any Hidden Charge?

Providing Genuine online jobs in India is herd challenging. Most of the people looking for easy home jobs without investment. But phone support is so expensive that some company charge high registration fees. So we cut off direct phone support and bring free registration online data entry jobs for everyone.

How many vacancies are there in CYBER EXPO Data Entry Jobs?

CYBER EXPO online Data Entry Jobs data entry projects in india online data job how to get an online job legitimate data entry work home work from home jobs with no fees online jobs with no fees best free work from home internet jobs from home without investment

Assignment to type each year-192,000,000 (6-8 line paragraph)

Vacancy for our free online data entry jobs-8000 post

Vacancy for our premium data processing jobs -1500 post.

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How to register and activate your Free Online Data Entry jobs in CYBER EXPO?

Before you continue your registration process, we want co-operation and patient from all online jobs with no fees seeker. Please understand a daily lot of people are hitting the registration button, So it’s may take some time to process your registries.

FREE Registration will be open from 12th Oct 2017.

For first 3 months, we allow 7500X3 members to join with us.

After 3 months we allow only 25 members to sign up each month.

If you are ready to start data entry internet jobs from home without investment then first fill out the application form.

Next, You will receive a confirmation email within 10 minutes.

Now go to your inbox and follow two steps to complete your registration.

Step-1: click the verify email links and lets us know that you are using a legitimate email address.

Step: 2: follow the social media task that takes only 5 minutes and get finished the application process.

Okay, All done, sit back and relax. Your online data entry jobs with no fees will be active within next 5-10 days.

We will be sent a notification once your account is ready to use.

In the meantime, you can check your application status over here.

Special Declaration:

West Bengal and Bihar members are not allowed to work in CYBER EXPO’s Online Data Entry jobs.

Account Declaration:

You can’t transfer your Smart Typing Plan to someone else.

If you are not working for 2 months, your account will be terminated permanently.

You can’t change your payment receiving bank account more than 3 times for 2 years.

International Member:

Currently, we are not allowing any International Member for doing our online data entry jobs without investment. But we have a plan to make it worldwide. So keep visiting for new updates.

Help and Support:

First of all, Read our FAQ, Maybe we have already Answered your Query over there.

Customer Care Number: 07585040404  / 08145040404

Drop your Email:


Before you register please read our Term of Service and Acceptable user policy carefully. After you register you can’t cancel your account. Any registration fees or payment will not be refundable. You are registering here means you are must agree with our term of service.

Project Code for Data Entry Jobs:


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