PDF to Word Document Entry/Typing @ Rs-153,500 in 9 month

JobsStart.com Offer Genuine Online MS Word Typing Jobs Without Investment. Free Sign up and Start Making Money doing Image/PDF/Scan to MS word. 100% Genuine

Projects Tag: backend Voice Outbound Project | Available Slot: Min 10 seats -Max 200 seats.

PDF to MS Word Document Typing Projects Overview:

  • Minimum Login: 10 Agents
  • Eligibility: Registered Company + Exp Vendors
  • Shift Timings: 09:00 AM to 6:00 PM  Mon-Sat Time Zone ( IST)
  • Payment Cycle: Monthly / Weekly (As per your requirement)
  • Payout / Rates: INR 90/- (on achievement of target otherwise deduction by 20%)  *(Rs. 40/- per renewal will also be paid for next two years, i.e. maximum Rs.100(Sales)+ 40(1st Renewal)+40 (2nd Renewal)= Rs. 180/- will be paid in three years from one registered member)
  • Contract Term: 12 Months (Sales) + 24 months (Sales + Renewals)
  • Monthly Billing: INR 500,000/- from Sales + Renewals extra.
  • Billing cycle: 30 days from the date of invoice.
  • Training: Onsite / Video call training will be provided by the Company.
  • Signup: Onsite / Online Immediately.

Important Note: 

  1. Please Confirm & Give us Acceptance if you are Interested in CYBER EXPO Client Signup so that we will Proceed further with the Proposal, Vendor Registration, SLA Agreement, Live Work Procedure for the centre.
  2. For any queries, write us back at info@jobsstart.com

PDF to MS Word Document Typing Projects Payments Plans:

Plan NamePlan APlan BPlan C
Registraction FeesFREEFREEFREE
SlotSingal Seats2-10 Seats10-25 Seats
EligibilityJobsStart.com MemberJobsStart.com MemberRegistered Company + Exp Vendors
PDF typing 1000/Seats or Login1000/Seats or Login1000/Seats or Login
PaymentRs-10,000 INR/LoginRs-10000 INR / LoginRs-10000 INR / Login
Payment Cycle:WeeklyDaily/WeeklyDaily/Weekly/Monthly
Court Paper Agrement YESYESYES
Phone SupportNOYESYES
Email SupportYESYESYES
Projects SlotCYJS4578PCYJS4596KCYJS6345L

What is PDF to MS word Document Entry/Typing Jobs?

For large-scale application PDF to Word conversation are often required.  It’s a Non-Voice Transcription (PDF to Word) Jobs where you will be provided PDF Files (Scanned Books or Documents), Your need to convert those scanned PDF Document to MS word. There is various type of PDF To MS Converter Jobs are available in India.

Types of MS Word Typing Jobs in India:

  1. English Scanned Book to MS word Conversation Jobs:
  2. Excel data conversion Jobs:
  3. Hindi Scanned Book to MS word Typing Jobs:
  4. Tamil Scanned Book to MS word Typing Jobs:
  5. Telegu Scanned Book to MS word Typing Jobs:
  6. Any other Regional  Scanned Book to MS word Typing Jobs:
  7. Medical Prescription Scanned PDF to MS word Typing Jobs:

Projects Details:

From Ebook Conversation projects to Word Processing PDF to Work conversation jobs is one of the best online typing jobs in India. Here in JobsStart.COM, We will Provide you 750 PDF Files to convert it into Word Documents. Rates will be Rs-200 on each PDF to Word Data Entry. Projects Deadline is 9 months after downloading Assignment. Each PDF File will be a content 3-6 paragraph and 550+ Words.

In order to understand the projects and work output please have a look at our demo and sample files below.

How to Apply for PDF to MS Word Typing Jobs?

2. Demo and Sample Files:

PDF Files(Original)

MS Word Document Files (Converted Work File)

3. Requirement:

Since its a Typing based work, so you need to have good typing skills of above 30 WP. Daily you need to complete at list 3 PDF to work conversation to full fill your 9-month target.

You must have Windows OS installed into your System with the following software: Microsoft office 2007 or higher, Notepad, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Google Chrome, Any desk. CYBER EXPO Typing Sync.

Internet Connection: Required to download and upload work files.

Mobile Device Work: No

4. Payment method:

All the Payment under this projects will be made weekly based. You need to send your report on every Saturday. Once you submit the work report you can expect your payment within the next 2 working days.

5. Outsourcing for BPO:

Member having BPO or Small office data processing office setup can often for bulk PDF to MS Word data conversation projects. Currently, we allow 10-15 projects slot to each of our BPO members. #

7. Grammatical Errors and Spelling Mistakes Policy:

You will be Still Paid for your Grammatical Errors and Spelling Mistakes. All the Typing Jobs and Data Entry Jobs of JobsStart.COM is Protected with Grammarly & Ginger Writing Assistant. 99.99% Grammatical Errors and Spelling Mistakes can be resolve with this Writing Assistant tools. additionally, the rest of Grammatical Errors and Spelling Mistakes can be solved after 2 free reviews.

# Subjects to Projects availability and Resources.

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6. Skills Required:

MS Word, Note Pad, Windows OS, Typing, Data entry, Basic English Grammar.

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