US Amazon KPO Process Details & Recordings ( Immediately Signup )

US Amazon KPO Process Details & Recordings ( Immediately Signup )


US Amazon KPO(Knowledge Process Outsourcing) Process Details & Recordings ( Immediately Signup ) Daily/Weekly/Monthly Bank payment Options.

Dear Team,

Please find below updated details for USA Amazon KPO Process: 

Note: This is not a standard US Telemarketing Process.

We do not need a hardcore telemarketing agents for this process. Hence, this can be run in any region with experienced agents who can speak English with a neutral accent.

All technology is provided by the Client themselves INCLUDING your INBOUND ACD and Toll-Free Number.

This is a KPO Process. KPO = Knowledge Process Outsourcing.


Why Are Customers Calling Us? 

1) INBOUND: Customers have received Email/SMS/IVR about our Amazon Seller On-Boarding Program and are hence calling to understand HOW they can join the Amazon Seller Program.

 Do we call any Customers?

2) OUTBOUND: We call only those customers who have replied to our email and have shown interest in the Amazon Seller Program. These customers have specifically asked for a call-back and this is not a cold call.

What is the payment criteria for the Center, is it performance or quality?

The Payment Criteria is PURELY Quality Adherence. There is a checklist of things that the agent needs to explain to each customer, including rebuttals, explanation of training product and support offered by the Client, etc. As long as the Agent follows the checklist (trained extensively during training) the Client will pay the BASE PAYOUT OF USD 15 per hour.

Who can apply for this program?

This Seller On-Boarding Program is available to anyone and everyone across globe.

Our primary market are customers from US, UK & AUSTRALIA.

Client will INITIALLY Start with US Market. Client will arrange for US Toll Free Number and also provide the Dialer Tech needed for this campaign.

Each agent will DAILY receive an average of 30-40 inbound calls of interested customers who are termed as case files which that particular agent has to then follow up.

What is covered in the Amazon Course, what are its Features:

 1) 4 Weekly Modules & 18 Lessons.

2) Unlimited 1-on-1 Support.

3) Amazon Account Approval Support

4) Sourcing/Drop-Shipping Support

5) Lifetime Updates on Amazon Strategies

6) Monthly Live Sessions with Sellers earning $100k to $300k/Month

7) Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest Marketing Support

Amazon Seller Coaching Fees: We’re running 66% discounted promotional offers

Package 1: $497 for 4 Weeks Learning/Training

Package 2: $995 for 12 Weeks (4 Weeks Learning + 8 Weeks Personal Support)


1) Minimum 10 Seats (to be increased to up to 30 to 50 on good performance in Next 3 month )

2) Lease Line with Static IP.

3) Noise Reduction Headsets (USB Based with Inbuilt Noise Reduction Chipset)

Calling Hours: 9AM EST to 9 PM PST (2 Shifts)

Payouts & Pay Cycle:


 Weekly Payout for average 20 Seats = 20 agents x $15 x 8 hrs x 5 days = $12,000 PER WEEK…!! 

Pay Cycle: Every Week!!

Payment to the center would be done via Bank Wire & Transfer charges will be deducted from payout (if any).

Bonus/Incentives will be paid over and above fixed rate for good performance.

Terms & Conditions

1) All Finalized Customer Recordings (HI to BYE) along with verification recording must be sent end of shift everyday for QA and customer disputes.

2) No Complaints from Customers will be entertained for false information given by any agent.

3) Non-performing, Fraudulent activity, False information to customer, in all this cases center will be terminated with immediate effect and no payouts will be paid.

Investment & Business Fees:

1) USD 25,000 to be paid in 2 parts for Online Signup as mentioned below .

2) Payment Terms: (USD 12,500) 50% payment at on MOU.

(Note: AFTER Payment Immediately SLA Signing with Client, Screening, Process Training and Dialer Training)

3) Balance 50% payment from first two month’s billing in 5-6 parts.

4) No Royalty.

Procedure for sign up is fairly simple process:

  1.   Sign the MOU, & LOI
  2. We get your SLA done with the End Client. Your process deposit is released to us at this time.
  3.   We mutually fix training dates and timings.
  4. Training is for 5-6 days only Online Via Skype.
  5. The On The Job Training for the agents continues for 5-6 working days and once all the agents are accredited the team is considered ready for taking inbound calls and Go-LIVE.

I am interested. What next?

Fill up the center contact sheet attached herewith and send to us immediately. I shall have our implementation team touch base with you right away!!

Sign Up with Direct International Client.

No Window Shoppers. No negotiations!

This is a rare process that comes once in a while, not for generic offering!

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